Hello September! We Meet Again!

An amazing summer we were blessed with this year; I think it was payback for the unbelievable spring.  A lot in our world has changed over the past six months, so hard to believe sometimes the current condition of the world we live in.  

I love the summer season; I love the warm weather and feeling the warmth of the sun on me. But my favourite season for Fancy That! is fall. For the past thirteen years, I always get excited to reveal the fall line up to our wonderful Fancy Fashionistas!  

This year has been definitely different for retailers.  You see, usually retailers travel to buying shows to pick out the stock for each season.  Due to Covid, all of these buying shows have been cancelled.  So, when you are visiting your favourite stores and notice that the shelves are bare, it is because the process of sourcing fabulous new items for stores is more complicated.  Also, manufacturing is behind so many items are approximately four weeks late on receiving stock.

When Covid shut down our world, as we know it, in March, many suppliers contacted their manufactures and drastically reduced their fall orders, some even more then 50%.  So, for the consumer, that means that many items will not be able to be restocked in their favourite store; when they are sold, they will be sold out. We have always said, "the early Fancy Fashionista gets the best selection".  This will definitely be true this year.

Our big change at Fancy That! is that we are now an ecommerce store.  We still have our brick and mortar location, but it is no longer open to the public on a regular basis. So far it is going great!  We have gained many new customers in central and western Canada.  The biggest change is going to be for our local customers. But do not fear, we have curbside pick up and curbside return, a fabulous 30 day return policy, our Pop Up Shops at our location this fall and private shopping parties.

Our fall Pop Up Shops will take place at our location, 35 Casewood Drive, Fredericton, NB.  There will be four different weekends, before Christmas, that we will open our store to the public so they can shop in person at the store.

The Pop Up Shop weekends are scheduled as follows:

October 2, 3 & 4

October 30. 31 & November 1

November 27, 28 & 29

December 18, 19 & 20

Please write the dates down, tell everyone you know and follow us on social media for updates and any changes in the dates.

More then ever small businesses need your support.  I always find it interesting how quick everyone is to "share" the news of a business closing but don't share posts about promotions, new arrivals and store updates.  Want to help a business out? Share their posts, even if you are not in need of their product, chances are someone on your Facebook may be their next customer. 

Reviews! Reviews! Reviews!  Many people use online reviews to decide where they are going to make their next purchase, even if they are shopping in person.  People are so busy in life that they usually do not leave a review if their experience is positive; they just don't have the time. Companies need your positive reviews!  Now, if your experience was not 5 star, then contact management personally, and talk it over with them.  Did you know if you give a company a 1 star review it takes 25 - 5 star reviews to correct the loss of 1 star. 

So here we go!  Fancy Fashionistas get ready to be asked, "Where did you get that!" ~ Fancy That!

Jillian Magee



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