Choosing The Right Fit

Hello Fancy Fashionistas!

We realize that trying to buy footwear on line can be very tough. I have now been in footwear/accessories/fashion jewellery industry for over 13 years and I can tell you straight up that the majority of our customers have an issue with footwear fitting. Issues in footwear fitting due to wide foot, small foot, narrow foot, wide calf, bunion, high arch, corns, heel spurs, planters fasciitis, flat foot, elephant foot, gout, chemo pain, hammer toe, rodded toe and many more; we have helped them all.  We sell a wide range of footwear to accommodate the wide range of feet that our customers have.  

If you need more room in our footwear then shop Generous Foot (Fancy name for Wide Foot), we do not think the word WIDE should ever be used to describe a part of a ladies body.  If you need more room in the calf for a tall boot, then you need to shop Athletic Calf Boots (Fancy word for Wide Calf).  We try to make sure we place the calf width beside each boot size in the drop down area of ordering.

Many of our footwear is sized in European sizing. Please use the following for assisting in choosing your size:

Size 6 is Size 36

Size 7 is Size 37

Size 7.5 is Size 38

Size 8 is Size 39

Size 9 is Size 40

Size 10 is Size 41

Size 11 is Size 42

We also try to make note in the description if the boot runs small or big. You will see recommendations by Jillian in what best to do when ordering your size. 

Always remember we have a FABULOUS 30 Day Return Policy on all footwear not worn, in original condition and box.

If you have questions please text us at (506) 476-6290, call us at (506) 476-6290, reach out to us on WhatsApp, email at, or connect through Facebook or Instagram. We look forward to helping you find the perfect pair (or pairs) of footwear.


Fitting an Athletic Calf Boot

Many ladies come to us saying they have never been able to wear a tall boot.  Our response is to say that we have many styles to choose from that will fit them just right.

It is difficult to add a sizing chart to our page as most athletic calf boots are not made with the same foot to calf ratio, but we do want you to be able to find a fit here that is just right for you.  Many of the wide/athletic calf boots will have a calf size ratio included in the size description.

Others we have been able to add a ratio description in the details of the individual style.  To explain sizing ratios for example: Size 7 foot ratios to a 17 inch calf size.  Which will mean that every half of a size you move up or down in foot size will either add or reduce the calf measurement by about a quarter on an inch.  So the same boot in size 9 will ratio a 18 inch calf.