Fitting an Athletic Calf Boot

Many ladies come to us saying they have never been able to wear a tall boot.  Our response is to say that we have many styles to choose from that will fit them just right.

It is difficult to add a sizing chart to our page as most athletic calf boots are not made with the same foot to calf ratio, but we do want you to be able to find a fit here that is just right for you.  Many of the wide/athletic calf boots will have a calf size ratio included in the size description.

Others we have been able to add a ratio description in the details of the individual style.  To explain sizing ratios for example: Size 7 foot ratios to a 17 inch calf size.  Which will mean that every half of a size you move up or down in foot size will either add or reduce the calf measurement by about a quarter on an inch.  So the same boot in size 9 will ratio a 18 inch calf.