Athletic Calf Boots (Fancy Word for Wide Calf)

At Fancy That! we call Wide Calf boots an Athletic Calf boot; we feel that nothing on a woman should be called Wide!  Our Athletic Calf boots range calf sizes, just as each woman's calf size does.  When you choose one of our Athletic Calf boots on our site, when you click on your foot size, you will see the calf size for that boot listed.  This helps our Fancy Fashionista's shop online with ease.  When you are shopping for an Athletic Calf boot, make sure you know your calf size.  You can obtain your calf size by measuring the circumference of the largest part of your calf.  Always remember, just like we each have one foot larger then the other, we each have one calf larger then the other (usually opposite to the larger foot).